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​​Family-Friendly Winter Activities on the Ocoee River

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Winter is the perfect time to gather your family and embark on a memorable adventure in the scenic Ocoee River area. While many associate the Ocoee River with summer rafting, this stunning region has much more to offer in the winter months. Bigfoot Outfitters welcomes you to explore the family-friendly winter activities that await, from thrilling rafting excursions to picturesque hikes and cozy cabin stays.

Snowy Hikes in the Cherokee National Forest

The Ocoee region is home to the Cherokee National Forest, a vast and diverse wilderness that’s a haven for hikers year-round. In the winter, the forest takes on a serene beauty, with pristine snow covering the trails and trees. Lace up your boots, bundle up, and embark on a family hike through this winter wonderland. The peacefulness of the forest combined with the thrill of discovering nature’s hidden treasures make it a must-do winter activity.

Cozy Cabin Stays

After a day of outdoor adventures, there’s nothing better than returning to a cozy cabin to relax and warm up. Ocoee cabin rentals offer the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. Gather around the fire, sip hot cocoa, and recount the day’s adventures. It’s the ideal way to make your family getaway special. Take a look at all of our cabins here.

Wildlife Watching

Winter is a fantastic time for wildlife enthusiasts. The Ocoee River region is home to various species, including deer, turkey, and even the occasional black bear. The quiet winter months make it easier to spot these creatures as they forage for food in the snow. Bring a pair of binoculars, and keep your eyes peeled as you explore the area’s hiking trails and scenic overlooks.

Scenic Drives 

If you prefer to take in the winter beauty of the Ocoee region from the comfort of your car, there are plenty of scenic drives to choose from. Routes like the Ocoee Scenic Byway offer breathtaking views of the snow-covered mountains, making it an enjoyable and accessible activity for the whole family.

Winter in the Ocoee River area offers family-friendly adventures that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. From picturesque hikes in the snow-covered forest to drinking hot chocolate in a cozy cabin, the Ocoee has something for everyone. After your outdoor escapades, unwind in a cozy cabin where you can create memories with your loved ones. Bigfoot Outfitters invites you to embrace the magic of the Ocoee in the winter and experience the joy of family-friendly winter activities. Plan your trip today and make this winter a season of unforgettable family adventures!

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