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The Ocoee River and the 1996 Summer Olympics

The Ocoee River and the 1996 Summer Olympics

Did you know that the Ocoee River played a significant role in the 1996 Summer Olympics? Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, the Ocoee River became the stage for thrilling whitewater events during the Games. Join Bigfoot Outfitters as we dive into the rich history of the Ocoee River’s Olympic legacy and discover the exhilarating full river trip experience offered by Bigfoot Outfitters. Full river rafting trips include the upper Ocoee River rafting and middle Ocoee River rafting tours and come with a tasty catered picnic lunch in between the two sections of river. 

The 1996 Summer Olympics: A Watersport Spectacle

The 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta brought international attention to the Ocoee River, thanks to its exceptional whitewater course. The river hosted the canoe and kayak slalom events, showcasing the prowess of athletes from around the world. Today, you have the opportunity to follow in the wake of Olympic athletes and experience the same adrenaline-pumping rapids with Bigfoot Outfitters.

The Full River Trip: Embrace the Olympic Spirit

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Bigfoot Outfitters as we offer you the chance to experience the Full River Trip on the Ocoee River. This trip encompasses the entire five-plus mile section of world-class whitewater, including the iconic Olympic course. Get ready to paddle through the very same rapids that challenged Olympic athletes and feel the rush of excitement that comes with conquering these exhilarating waters.

Reliving Olympic Moments: Historic Landmarks

During your full river trip, you’ll encounter historic landmarks that served as key points during the 1996 Olympic Games. Bigfoot Outfitters will point out these significant sites, allowing you to immerse yourself in the history and atmosphere of the Olympic event. From the exhilarating “Slingshot” rapid to the iconic “Humongous” rock, each landmark tells a story of Olympic triumphs and challenges.

A Journey of Thrills: Rapids and Challenges

The full river trip with Bigfoot Outfitters is a true adventure, packed with thrilling rapids and exciting challenges. Prepare to conquer renowned rapids like “Godzilla,” and the “Humongous,”.  As you paddle through these exhilarating stretches, you’ll feel the rush of adrenaline and the sense of accomplishment that comes with navigating Olympic-caliber whitewater.

Spectacular Scenery: Nature’s Backdrop

While the Ocoee River is renowned for its white water rafting, its scenic beauty is equally captivating. Throughout your full river trip, you’ll be surrounded by lush forests, towering cliffs, and picturesque landscapes that create a stunning backdrop for your adventure. Bigfoot Outfitters ensures ample opportunities to pause, take in the breathtaking scenery, and capture memorable photos to commemorate your journey.

Olympic Legacy: Create Your Own Story

By embarking on the full river trip with Bigfoot Outfitters, you become part of the Ocoee River’s Olympic legacy. With every paddle stroke, you’ll feel the spirit of the athletes who once competed on these waters. Capture your own Olympic moments, forge unforgettable memories, and carry the pride of conquering the Ocoee River’s Olympic rapids with you for a lifetime.

Join Bigfoot Outfitters for an unforgettable adventure on the Ocoee River, where Olympic history and thrilling white water rafting merge. Experience the Full River Trip, immerse yourself in the Olympic legacy, and conquer the rapids that challenged athletes during the 1996 Summer Olympics. Book your trip with Bigfoot Outfitters today and embark on a journey where adventure and history intertwine.

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